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Tribal Wars 2 Main Page

Welcome to the Tribal Wars 2 Help page

These documents were designed to help and guide new players as well as provide detailed information about the game mechanics and stats for our veteran enthusiasts. We also strongly suggest our readers to visit your respective market forums as they are a huge source for tactics and in-game experience.This help site will help guide you through your gaming experience, with instructions on every aspect of the game.

Please note that this help site covers help for the following versions of Tribal Wars 2.


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Short explanation of the game

Tribal Wars 2 is an online game set in medieval times. Each player controls a small village that can be grown to bring fame and power. Under your leadership your village will grow and prosper.

However, your village is not the only one that is growing. All around you other players have the same goal: to become the largest empire. You'll need to use the troops you recruit to outgrow your enemies, by looting and pillaging their villages.

Sooner or later you will need to find a tribe to join, so you can band together to support each other in times of need.

After you've expanded your village and made it is as strong as possible it will be time to begin conquering other villages and building your empire.

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