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A new technology will appear in the Research Tree, at the end of Chapter II. Upon unlocking it, you will be shown the tournament window!

MarbleTournament 1.png

By clicking the question mark button you can see detailed explanations about the Tournaments' events.

You will also notice that the World Map icon now has a tournament icon: WorldmapTIcon.png

Starting Tournaments

Every week, Tournament Events take place in your solved provinces of one type, which will rotate every week. As an example we will take a closer look at a Marble Tournament.

TournamentProvinceonMap 1.png

Tournaments appear in your already solved Provinces on the World Map, so your first tournament will be available in the closest Marble province to your city.

  • Each Tournament Province holds 6 levels, with 8 tournament encounters to solve per level.
  • Each solved tournament encounter will give you Tournament Points as a reward.
  • For each completed level you will also receive a certain amount of Tournament Points, Knowledge points and Relics. The higher the level, the better the reward. You can even get Rune Shards at the higher levels!

After finishing the 8 tournament encounters to solve the first level in the tournament, the province starts preparing for a new tournament level. This will take some time, but you will immediately be able to start participating in your second tournament province, so that you can continue your tournament journey without having to wait.

Waitfortournament 1.png

Tournament Overview

MainMenu 1.png

On the World Map you will see a new Tournament Icon. By clicking it you will be able to see your active tournament provinces and the tournament overview.

TournamentOverview 1.png

A - The tournament province numbers.

B - Checkpoints status

C - Best player on each of your tournament provinces

D - Your competed levels on each of your tournament province

E - The number of solved tournament encounters in the current tournament level

F - Navigate to the province (if it's not in preparation)

G - Remaining time for the current tournament event

H - Number of unlocked tournament provinces

I - Info icon for more information about the number of available tournament provinces

Province Checkpoints

Collect tournament points for each province, together with your neighbors, for even more rewards!

TProvinceCheckpoints 1.png

Each tournament province also has five checkpoints. All Tournament Points gathered in that province, by you and your neighbors, are combined! So the more checkpoints you reach in each province, the more rewards you and your neighbors will get in the end of the tournament event!

But remember: you have to finish at least one tournament level in a province to get any rewards from the checkpoints!

Solving Tournament Provinces

You can choose either to Cater a tournament encounter, paying resources like regular encounters, or to fight it!

ArmySetupT 1.png

Battles become harder the further you progress in the tournaments. Also, you will be fighting against some units you may not have fought against before: did you ever wonder how it is to have to beat some Storm Barbarians or Sorceresses? Here's your chance to find out!

End of Tournament

At the end of the Tournament Event you will receive the checkpoint rewards from all your finished tournament provinces. These are joint accomplishments, so your participating neighbors will receive the same rewards. In addition, the 100 players with the most Tournament Points will be rewarded with extra global ranking points!

New Tournament

Every week you will be able to play new themed tournaments, with lots of rewards! The new Tournament resets the previous results. So with every new Tournament there is a new chance for additional ranking points and of course a new opportunity for you to be the tournament winner! So ... on your marks, get set ... and let the tournaments begin!