Mercenary Camp

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Mercenary Camp


This building allows you to train new special Units which can be unlocked after you brought the Fairies back to life in Chapter VII. The building levels decrease the Training Time for new Units.

In the Mercenary Camp you can produce five types of units: the Blossom Mage, the Drone Rider, the Ranger, the Vallorian Guard and the Fainéant Frog. These units came to your city with different guest races. This building shares its queue with the Barracks and the Training Grounds.


You are able to build the Mercenary Camp after unlocking it in the Research Tree and once you have the correspondent resources. It requires a street connection to the Main Hall, it can be sold, rebuilt and upgraded.


Each upgrade of the Mercenary Camp will reduce the Training Time.



Training your Units will cost you Supplies and time. The more Units are trained in a training slot at one time, the more resources are needed to start training and the longer that training will take to complete. Of course you can always finish the training instantly by paying Premium.


As for the Barracks, the amount of Units you can train depends on how many Armories you own and the weight of a single Unit. The squad size is also increased by the matching "Squad Size Upgrade" researches you can find in the tech tree.

Mercenary Camp overview

Mercenary camp information
Level Requirements Costs Benefits
Level Size Population Culture Construction Time Coins Supplies Training Time
1 Research is in Fairy chapter 4x4 100 - 9h 37m 700k 68k 59
2 4x4 115 250 10h 23m 870k 85k 71
3 4x4 132 288 11h 10m 1050k 103k 84
4 4x4 152 331 11h 56m 1230k 120k 98
5 Research is in Woodelves chapter 3x6 175 380 12h 42m 1400k 137k 113
6 3x6 201 437 13h 28m 1580k 154k 129
7 3x6 231 503 14h 15m 1760k 172k 146
8 3x6 266 578 15h 01m 1940k 189k 164
9 Research is in Halflings chapter 4x5 306 665 15h 47m 2100k 210k 184
10 4x5 352 765 16h 33m 2300k 220k 200
11 4x5 405 880 17h 19m 2500k 240k 230
12 4x5 465 1012 18h 06m 2600k 260k 250

Building Levels

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4
Level 5 Level 6 Level 7 Level 8
Level 9 Level 10 Level 11 Level 12
0003 M Fairies Barracks 9 0010.png
0002 M Fairies Barracks 10 0009.png
0001 M Fairies Barracks 11 0009.png
0000 M Fairies Barracks 12 0011.png
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